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my ideal ideology...
This is a strange time to be WIDE awake :|

Current Mood: awake awake
Current Music: glendora - rilo kiley

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I hate it here.

Current Location: home
Current Mood: lonely lonely

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Jody: I wish more people would show up..
Mike: They just did...
Jody: Thanks Mike, thanks for putting things in perspective

Current Mood: amused amused

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and we sing
they break the most beautiful things
but I hear violins

when I close my eyes
I am at the center of the sun
and I cannot be hurt
by anything this wicked world has done
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Jenny Lewis is in Toronto on Saturday.

I am at my parents for Thanksgiving on Saturday.

My soul hurts real bad.

Current Location: work
Current Mood: crushed crushed
Current Music: rabbit fur coat - jenny lewis and the watson twins

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I want to be a cat.

I want to puuuuuurrrrrrrrr...

Current Location: work
Current Mood: hungry very hungry... and vampiric
Current Music: strange powers - the magnetic fields

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Well that's certainly not how I intended to ring in my new year.

I suppose it was appropriate though.

I really... have no idea what I'm feeling right now.


all this talk of getting old
is getting me down, my love...

It's funny how two short hours can really drive home how much things have changed.


I wish everyone didn't have better things to do.

I wish I could stop feeling sorry for my fucking self.

I wish a lot of things were different.

Current Location: work
Current Mood: 20-ish
Current Music: these are the things - black box recorder

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I am le bored. Work is le boring. Life is le boring right now. I may get internet again tonight though which would make life slightly less boring, though the tradeoff is that I lose Mario Party again. Sigh.

I need to get a hobby.

FULL NAME: Josephiiiiiiiiine (with 8 fewer i's of course) Amanda Raymond
NICKNAMES: Jo, Jojo, Dodgy, Dody, Dody-Face, Red and others
GENDER: feeeeeemale
AGE: 19
LOCATION: at work :( at my boring job in my boring office at my boring desk... being bored
HAIR COLOR: right now it's blonde with ridiculously long roots
SIBLINGS: 1 sister, Terry
SHOE SIZE: 7 1/2 or 8 ish
HEIGHT: 5'4 and a bit...? maybe? baby? please?

DREAM JOB: heh artist! (I dream in technicolor ;)) orrrrr music producer, chef, patron of the arts!
WHY: because if I ever have to work at a desk again I WILL shoot myself.
COLLEGE: not yet
WHERE: Montreal is ze plan
MARRIED: not right now, someday perhaps
CHILDREN: it's unlikely
NAMES: um Lynyrd and Skynyrd (tweeeeeens!)

FOOD: mexican, italian, really good extravangant sandwiches... and pie
ICE CREAM: orange sherbet
DRINK: most fruit juice, Bailey's, lemonade, Redbull
BAND: many many but right now it would be the Magnetic Fields, Rilo Kiley and Pink Floyd as always
SONG: way way way too many... Fasten Your Seatbelt by Pendulum has been a thing lately though
SINGER: Tara Maclean, Billie Holiday
DAY: December 22 or 23rd yesssssssss
COLOR: um, I really like green... a lot of good things come in green (and no, I do not mean money. I hate money.)
VACATION: I don't really go on vacation and haven't really much ever... I guess this last weekend would probably be the closest I've come in a good long while, so St-Therese-de-la-Gatineau!
MOVIE: too laazy
ANIMAL: armadillo, tiger, my kitties
TV SHOW: Weeds, WHAT NOT TO WEAR!, Buffy, Friends... all reruns, I don't watch much tv these days
SPORT: soccer, hockey to watch

WHERE: I don't think any of this is going to apply to me so let us do high school!
GRADE: ok nevermind
STEROTYPED: um... after grade 11 I was 'the lesbian' for awhile... aside from that we were just weird but cool kids, kinda like now haha
START TIME: I don't actually remember
STOP TIME: heh lunch usually
FAV CLASS: english and computer sciences, always
LEAST FAV: maaaaaaaaaaaaaath, chemistry
FAV TEACHER: Mr. Pattison... he was dreamy ;)
LEAST FAV TEACHER: the principal, Mr Allen
SPORTS: down with organized sports!
CLUBS: star trek and cheese club! and I'm not kidding! um, photography club and amnesty international for a while... oh and the dreaded GLBT club (woot for big gay day and obsessions with lesbian and not-so-lesbian teachers!)

BEST: Katie, Steph, Marc, Britt, Joel, Lily
WHY: cause they're awesome awesome kids that are the most comfortable 'anything goes' type people I've ever known
KNOWN THE LONGEST: Lily and Britt, then Steph, then all the rest at the same time-ish
SHORTEST: Of them, Marc I supposeth
FUNNIEST: meh they're all incredibly funny in their own ways, otherwise I doubt we'd get along so well
SHYEST: Steph and Katie would be tied for that one methinks, probably Katie though
MOST OUT-GOING: man, they're all generally really outgoing with me
CUTEST: *pinches all their squidgy little faces* d'awwwwwww

MUSIC: anybody here see the long distance cheer for the notion/ I think we missed it/ anybody here see the sky weaping tears for the ocean... - hand me down world by the guess who
DRINK: water
FOOD: I had a hot dog for lunch and now my hands smell like mustard, ugh
CLOTHES: long skirt, beige tanktop and blue zip up t-shirt thing
NEED: I have many, money being the unfortunately most persistant one at the moment
JOB: office wench for emergency health services
MONEY SITUATION: bahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahhahahaha *dies*

TEXT MESSAGE: Steph, I do believe-eth
IM: Britt, last night
VOICEMAIL: heh I have 6 voicemails from the weekend that I still haven't listened to
KISS: lovely
HUG: my Dad when I left his place for work this morning
FOOD: hot diggity dog... it was gross
DRINK: water
MOVIE: my Dad and I watched Imagine Me and You the other day and Marc, Quyhn and I watched A Midsummer Nights Rave on e, I highly recommend it!
SONG: I'm listening to Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by ze Police
JOB: before this one? the RA center... reception wench

That didn't make me any less bored but at least now I get to leave in 25 minutes!

Current Location: work
Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: every little thing she does... - the police

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how I wish you were here
we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
year after year
running over the same old ground
have we found the same old fears?
wish you were here

Current Location: work
Current Mood: indescribable indescribable
Current Music: wish you were here - pink floyd

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little birds born without a mother or a father
I can watch their bodies forming in the running water
now there is another in the middle of my mouth
a hundred altogether within me now
little bird, little bird come into my body

mother, they're within me every moment I'm awaking
bodies multiplying until they finally overtake me
open up my mouth
but all you'll ever hear is singing
put you hand within me and you'll know what I'm feeling
I just want to swallow up and promise to protect them...

I think controlled chaos is the only way to accurately describe my life right now.

Current Location: work
Current Mood: anxious anxious
Current Music: little birds - neutral milk hotel

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